Product Information

HSPC 58-1800-12/15/18

HSPC 58-1800 series are high effective solar evacuated tube collectors with a calculated annual energy yield of 762 kWh/m² with respect to the aperture area at 50 °C (calculated by SP).

The solar collectors are available with 12, 15 and 18 vacuum tubes. Each collector tube consists of a evacuated double glass tube which functions as insulation. That absorber, which converts the solar radiation into heat, is sputtered on the surface of the inner tube. Heat converted from the absorber is then transferred to the heat pipe, which is located in the inner glass tube. The heat pipe conducts heat via its condenser to the manifold at the top of the collector.


The collector area and the storage volume shall be dimensioned based on both the type of solar heating system and the number of people living in the household. Thumb rules are given in the following table.

 System type Domestic hot water system Kombi-system (hot water and space heating)
 Gross area of solar collector [m²] 1,2 - 1,5 m² per person 2 - 4 m² per person
 Tank size [liter] 60 - 80 L per person 150 - 200 L per person

Technical data

 Model HSPC 58-1800-12 HPSC 58-1800-15 HPSC 58-1800-18
 Number of tubes 12 15 18
 Gross area [m²] 1.80 m² 2.24 m² 2.68 m²
 Aperture area [m²] 1.11 m² 1.40 m² 1.68 m²
 A x B x C [mm x mm x mm] *) 1950 x 935 x 150 1950 x 1160 x 150 1950 x 1385 x 150
 Collector type Evacuated glass tube with heatpipe
 Tube material Hard borosilicate glass 3.3
 Glass thickness [mm] 1.6 mm
 Outer diameter of tube [mm] 58 mm
 Inner diameter of tube [mm] 47 mm
 Tube length [mm] 1800 mm
 Tube weight [kg] 2 kg
 Absorptance ≥ 0.92
 Emittance < 0.08
 Maximum pressure [bar] 6 bar
 Stagnation temperature [°C] 181 °C

*) A x B x C represents Height x Width x Thickness, see figure.