The table shows prices of solar collectors for individual household. Prices are including VAT, excluding delivery. For retailers, company and research projects, please contact us to obtain prices for you.

A 5-year warranty applies to the listed products. Currently, we have HSPC 58-1800-12 and HPSC 58-1800-18 in storage. We can also provide a complete system. Please contact us for details.

 Model HSPC 58-1800-12 HPSC 58-1800-15 HPSC 58-1800-18
 Number of tubes 12 15 18
 Gross area [m²] 1.80 m² 2.24 m² 2.68 m²
 Aperture area (for calculation of subsidy) [m²] 1.11 m² 1.40 m² 1.68 m²
 Annual energy yield per module at 50 °C [kWh] 846 kWh 1 067 kWh 1 280 kWh
 Price (with VAT) [SEK] 4 600 SEK 5 700 SEK 6 700 SEK
 Subsidy [SEK] 2 114 SEK 2 667 SEK 3 200 SEK


Boverket supports the installation of solar heating systems by providing direct subsidies. Currently, the subsidy is based on the annual energy yield, 2.5 SEK per kilowatt. Calculation of subsidy is as: total annual energy yield in kilowatt (of all installed collectors) multiply 2.5 SEK.

The maximum of subsidy, for individual household is 7 500 SEK, and for commercial installations or company project is
3 million SEK 3 million SEK. The solar collector has to fulfill quality requirement defined by the Solar Keymark certificate. Furthermore, the annual energy gain must have been calculated by a accredited testing institute (e.g. SP).

All these requirements are fulfilled for our collectors. This means for our 18 tube collector you can get a subsidy of 3 200 SEK !

Links: Info brochure, Boverket's webpage

Solar Keymark

Solar Keymark is a European quality label for solar thermal products. The Solar keymark is a voluntary mark, developed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). It certifies that the product complies with the European Standard(s) covering the product.

Link: Solar Keymark

About solar heating

Links: IEA Solar heating and cooling, Wikipedia, SERC, and Svenska solenergiföreningen

Building permit

The installation of a solar heating system might require a building permit. You need to contact the local building committee before you install your system.